Abortion Back on the Political Agenda

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Criminalising abortion could well become a reality in Victoria if the election hands balance of power in the upper house to religious conservatives. With the DLP predicted to win a seat in Western Region and Family First going head to head with the Sex Party in Northern Metro, a situation where two strongly anti-abortion parties hold balance of power is now quite real.

Sex Party candidate for Northern Metro, Fiona Patten, will be at the East Melbourne Fertility Clinic ‘defence’ tomorrow morning at what is expected to be a more heated environment than usual due to the coming election.

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The Sex, Votes and Rock ‘n Roll Election Campaign


The Australian Sex Party and The Basics Rock 'n Roll Party have announced a formal preference swap in the upper house region of Northern Metro for the upcoming Victorian State election and will celebrate their union with a joint campaign through the streets of Melbourne this Sunday.

Rock n Roll and Sex will campaign together off the back of a decked-out, six metre flat bed truck this Sunday, 23rd November, with The Basics playing live for the crowds. It's a cheeky hat tip to AC/DC’s famous “It’s A Long Way to the Top”, 1975, truck gig along Swanston st.

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